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[Physique Solaire/Solar Physics - Lagrange]
Welcome to the webpages of the SOLAR PHYSICS Group of Lagrange

Helioseismology - Solar and stellar evolution - Instrumentation - Atmospheric physics - Data and image analysis - Inversion

Research interests covers studies of the solar internal structure, shape, sub-surface dynamics and magnetic activity and solar and stellar evolution.

These topics are addressed through helioseismology with ground based telescopes and spatial instruments, and numerical simulations.

Expertises and interests of the group include :

  •  Solar and stellar evolution through numerical simulations,
  • data analysis for global and local helioseismology,
  • data reduction : spectral analysis of time series, inversion, image analysis,
  • instrumentation for space or ground based instruments, 
  • atmospheric physics,
  • Sun-Earth connection and climate.