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[Physique Solaire/Solar Physics - Lagrange] SODISM-II

SODISM-II désigne le modèle de qualification du télescope SODISM de la mission spatiale PICARD . Il est installé sur le plateau de Calern.

  • Chefs de projets: M. Meftah (LATMOS) & F. Morand (OCA)







 SODISMII images obtained in the K absorption line at 3933.7 Å of singly ionized calcium, or Ca II. Images have been rotated so that the solar rotational north pole is up. Images are corrected for Dark Current and Flat Field. Less than 1% of the raw pixels (hot or dead pixels) have been replaced by interpolated values for these movies. 0riginal images are 2048x2048 with about one arcsec resolution. Images in the movies shown here are 1024x1024 only. 


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Friday 22 November 2013
2012/07/11 sample of SODISM-2 images at all wavelengths
From left to right: First row : 393.34 nm (Ca II line) , 535.75 nm (continuum) (2 different filters) Second row: 607.23 nm, 782.37 nm, 1025.0 nm (...) Read the whole article
Tuesday 16 December 2014
2011/03/18 First light of SODISM-2 at Calern Observatory
PREMIERE LUMIERE SODISM-II à CALERN Bâtiment PICARD-SOL à Calern et intégration de SODISM-2 Dans la continuité de 30 ans de mesures du rayon solaire sur le plateau de Calern dont le bilan (...) Read the whole article